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Mass Spectrometry

Our main business is a consignment service of mass spectrometry.
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IMS (Imaging Mass Spectrometry)

IMS is a technique to visualize the spatial distribution and mass information of molecules, so IMS gets a map of molecule information in the tissue or organ. This label-free method makes a compound analysis more reasonable and prompt than autoradiography, which is a traditional method.

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LC/MS (Liquid chromatography / Mass Spectrometry)

Our company has high-resolution LC-MS equipment and a Triple Quadrupole LC-MS. According to the customer's needs, we provide the best way. Additionally, our team undertakes the service of structural estimation of unknown compounds.

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Salinac Tube

The disposable tube which can be used for LC/MS measurement in phosphate buffer, reduction of Na/K added ions, and reduction of ionization suppression.

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